Friday, December 2, 2016

Lachlan Brown #19 Memoed


Why were you off painting something Vincent,
when you should have been here, starring items on our agenda?
The company’s rethought its strategic intent
and we don’t want another wasted November.

Why are you weeping over bodies and houses, Louise,
when the office party hasn’t even been booked?
Leave the mashups for your own time, please,
the guys don’t want anything overlooked.

Why aren’t more of you like Xu Zhen,
our hardworking, model Asian?
Just hold your applause until the end
of his self-incorporation.
*(kindly send these out from the manager’s account,
when our sales volumes reach the prearranged amount)

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  1. Love this. Could we have the images bigger - would really like a closer look at them - they're great.


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