Friday, December 9, 2016

Linda Adair #7 Happy nights

like something from a cheesy 1950s sitcom
we are told we can all stay out and party  --
                                                                 one whole
                                                                                  HALF HOUR LONGER!
As if
we were children
                    as if the avalanche of over reaction
                        to two very real tragedies
was not
                            calvinist in intent
                                                 and economically suicidal.
Why was it
               so important
                          to  banish
                                  young people from the harbourside suburbs?
Was it meant to create havoc in blue blood enclaves
                               as the drugs, call girls and bad behavior
                                                                                     relocated east  or west
wondering why
                  more focus was not directed to teaching young men
                                         to manage their anger and not be violent
to keep other young men safe on the street
                        and thousands of women safer in their homes.

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