Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lucy Alexander #90 The Ocean Shark with Wings

Delicate snout
smells blood

a creature
all teeth and cartilage

skin so silky
it parts water with no sound

flies the umwelt

follows the
ripple pattern

blown out by the surf
and fermented down

to bend its spine
clamp mouth on

the ocean’s

Until the wings grew
feathered and slim

in akimbo angle
bones as hollow as

wave tunnels
spread and woven

into air
where the shark

holds its water breath
breaches its dive

upwards into flight
rich and strange

and so magic

it has no name
no place in the map of all things

flies against the wind
dipping seawards

along the cloud line
teething the sky’s

bloody sunset.


  1. What a magical, brilliant poem, Lucy. Thank you. :)

    1. Thanks Rob, this is my son's 'spirit animal' brought home made of clay. His hands in the photo. I was really impressed...

  2. Yes, magical, oceanic, where we came from and like your son's shark, in flight but longing to return.


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