Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Magdalena Ball #37: The Walk

The Walk

I think I’ll never get 
used to it

I always say that
and I’m already used
mantra of dislocation
hot feet, warm air
the freedom to complain

but there’s this thing, deep seated
pre-linguistic that sticks
and says, no, this isn’t quite right

it’s not desire
because I like the warm
have always liked it
leaning in, peeling off clothes
arching towards the sun

I made a promise
to put aside humbug
and relax into it this year
just for a change
letting the impending end bide

these grooves
like being busy
the distraction of chaos
blanking out sensation

I’m giving it up
call it a resolution

finding space
where I least expected it

right here, in the breath.


  1. but there’s this thing, deep seated
    pre-linguistic that sticks...

    yes! I love these two lines! and the conclusion is great!

  2. words have their roots in that deep-seated thing


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