Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Melinda Smith # 31 Your client

Making a brief festive season return to this excellent project. Greetings and best wishes to everyone !!

Not such a festive poem unfortunately. In fact I need to take the opportunity to remind folks of the Lifeline and beyond blue numbers ( Lifeline 13 11 14; beyond blue 1300 22 46 36)

Your client

on this 2am call
his voice is coming
out of a tunnel   he is
trapped in a blind
tunnel of only   a tunnel
collapsed on itself   he is
running out of
air   he is inhaling
fumes   he is dust-thirsty
and partly broken
                 you with your suffering
mind   you must claw him an airhole
widen it to window   with your taut
vocal cords you must
lower him down a shovel
and a flask   with your mere,
your listening
you must winch him
to the surface   even if
you succeed
there will be no
cheering, no cameras   even if
this one ends
well   you will do it all
again later
tonight   you will
do it all again



  1. Timely in fact :( That middle section is amazing.

  2. Very well caught images of despair and hope x

  3. apposite extended metaphor drives it home

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting !


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