Friday, December 2, 2016

Mikaela Castledine #335 Drawing Breath (for Carol Archer)

Riffing on Carol Archer's Drawing Breath

Drawing breath you need a pencil
B for black and H for hard
5H  for draughting still 
sometimes fine is needed
clear and light
sharp shallow or scored deep
and hardly visible
Then perhaps 6B
for the dark gasp
blurred on the stamp edge of the fist
charcoal for the Cheyne Stoke drift
cloudy on the surface
milky on the mirror
such erasable breath
roughing in the shadow
with the hazy edge of the lead


  1. Ah a drawing thread has sprung up! This is gorgeous. 6B for the dark gasp!!

  2. have thought of the pun before but never thought it'd make such a good poem; has inspired one of mine (#376,not yet finished)

  3. Appreciate this poem - thanks Mikaela!


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