Saturday, December 10, 2016

Robert Verdon, #383, In the Long Run

1971 at the Lachlan Court Café —

one eggana bakka roll, she’d yell out the back,

or he’d cringe, come again, lovely, lovely man

to the tall handsome fellow ahead in the queue,

then he’d see me: ah, waddya want?

Very shy and given to panic attacks,

I smoked incessantly, flyaway hair down to my shoulderblades,

worked across the road in a curved office building,

later knocked down due to asbestos,

and still looked forward to a glorious future

that hasn’t come yet.

I am still thinking about it.

Meanwhile, the fog swirls like corrugated cardboard,

time is the Big Bang in reverse,

hardly anyone seems to search for the motor of history,

while absurdity piles on absurdity like a pyramid of dry-ice cubes.



  1. hey 388
    i feel the year is already over

    must be that glorious future
    as supplied by the motor of time

  2. hehe love it, and your images, as usual :) I've got some catching up to do clearly!

  3. Yikes. 1971 was the year I arrived in Australia. Got a job on a big cattle & sheep station outside Bingara, near Inverall NSW. First month as offsider to old Ted Marks, the station killer & butcher, providing all the meat for the 30 odd people living there.

  4. Replies
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    2. I recall the chooks, & only one big pig
      his back I would rub with a hessian bag
      just because he loved it so much, but
      alas no delicious egg and bacon rolls
      if so they have receded in the memory,
      pleasure once more giving way to pain
      and anyway I split after a year...



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