Monday, December 5, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #339 Wattlebird

Honeyeater beak
Wattlebird on Wattle St
city grey, soft, fleet


  1. I love those sweet rhymes, Sarah. Thanks :)

  2. great! love the rhyme, the bird, and the pic! plus, I often cycle around that way

  3. I find lots of poems outside Macarthur House in Wattle Street. ArtsACT used to be in there. it just has these little design touches all around the building that are so thoughtful, it could be an ugly place, but it is kind of beautiful and strangely entrancing. I get into this weird receptive mode whenever I am there. Then I saw this Wattlebird yesterday. God I feel lucky. I have become more comfortable with rhyme since doing this project.


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