Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #340 switchboard (after MS #31)

I still receive the call
after decades
it replays

its chaos crackle
she asks where where are?
they don’t work here,
their name not on my list, but
she needs their help,
wrong wrong number

I’m just the relief
in my first real job

Doris takes the seat
she’s had her tea
her tired face reveals
she’s had this call before
many times in her career
the same click to silence


  1. Wonderful, Sarah. It asks us to keep on using our imaginations to fill in the picture.

  2. Nice work Sarah ! And thanks for bouncing off my poem. Such a strange and traumatic thing for anyone - particularly caught up in it without warning as here...

  3. Those voices, that silence. Beautiful, Sarah.

  4. Yes, really brought to life here. And so movingly sad.


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