Monday, December 19, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #354 Verandah in the suburbs (after KK)

my heart
counting at the edge
protected, fenced
at this distance
in observance
the birds riot
cats caterwaul
dogs howl and yarp, skitter

what I have witnessed
the holding of hands, walking from the shop
carrying books, smokes, grog
being dropped off

the boy picking flowers
littering, loitering

the man
dumping his family's photos
negatives in a grocery box

the woman running


  1. Yes agree, a wonderful poem SSVW
    I must say you really have mastery of digital screen scrolling design. You have an uncommon grasp of how an image just 'appears' (or make its entree) as the viewer arrives on your page. The tilt on this one is magical... we almost have to adjust our seat for a second and go on :)


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