Thursday, August 2, 2018

Kit Kelen #945 - at or on the going of the Rock

at or on the going of the Rock

one less desecration to the highway

who burnt the rock?
I said the highway
with my tonnes of oil
and spill a little
strike a light
this is a worthy cause

who burnt the rock?
it was always an existential worry
thing should not have been

by what divine power
is the rock now gone?

I said the deity
with Old Testament spite
it was an abomination
Sodom had nothing on this

but who really burnt the rock?
I said half a brain
it was horrid
and never a viable thing
(thoughtfully the rest concurred)

remember the cardboard cops inside?
and golliwogs up to the present?
closest we get to Nazi kitsch

it was time to rest the rock
the rock was tired

who burnt it?
I said pride
it was a blight
I could stand it no more

even if the fuel was a better price

who burnt the rock?
insurance job?
a dreadful crime?
let heaven judge that

what a beautiful thing that it's gone


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