Saturday, August 4, 2018

Rob Schackne #721 - "Life is a highway"

          Life is a highway
          alright a can of worms
          pitched from a car
          travelling at speed
          sails in a teeming arc
          spins because it’s alive

          can’t stand it much longer
          I never had it serviced
          the space is confined
          there’s too much noise

          do you even get the point
          looking for the turn-off
          I won't go to hospital
          missed it further back
          now the sun has set

          all the years that landed
          we have a long way to go


  1. Of course I love a good road movie story. I like this one Rob. They say we're just vessels or a vehicle on the journey - thank the stars rein-car-nation is on the cards (It is isn't it? maybe?)

  2. Feeling motion sickness just reading it Rob. In a good way.


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