Friday, July 12, 2019

Frances Carleton #37 - After Rob Schackne #973 – ‘Leave a bottle on a bench’

somewhere she’s whispering
into a cup of tea

between her manicured fingers
a hand-rolled cigarette
paper, filter and rich golden tobacco
curl of grey blue smoke
passing squinting blue eyes
mingling with bottle blonde
pearly whites gleaming
showing between broadly smiling lips
with those rehydrated leaves

what did she share:

how to prune the blue rose in the front garden
the perfect gin verses tonic balance
perhaps her desire to see me succeed
Nah, it would be none of those things

She was always very willing
to impart that from the rooftop

I know what it was.
it’s what it always was when I asked

the bread and pudding recipe


  1. I like it that
    mortality is a constant
    the same as
    a good bread & pudding recipe
    the one will feed the other

    1. Haha. Maybe next time you're in Canberra I'll make some (took me six months, but i figured it out)


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