Thursday, July 11, 2019

Kit Kelen #1287 - before the oil

before the oil

grew a little garden
we were always in for afternoon tea
it was tea there werent any flavours
probably actually more likely coffee
a pot the size of the village

truly the sun wouldnt set in those days
not even for winter
not in a storm
sol bakom skyan
it was always there

everything was magic
none of the water was wine
drugs werent needed

we were Viking pious
in the darkest joke
no one would crack a smile

magic soap made everyone beautiful
(though of course we couldnt see it then)

fish would leap up into the boat
and sometimes they would fry themselves
not too salty, nice and crisp
spuds grew in the ground as lovely fat chips

if you caught a bus they carried you on
and brought along a little cottage
in case you might need a rest

things were slower before the oil
everyone did an honest days work
but none of it was toil

cash was made of coins then
were made of stronger mettle  

couldnt buy a thing with bakelite
but it was too dear to throw it out

double glazing was good enough for us

we had a kind of lumbering gait
and everyone was welcome
more coffee, more tea

afternoon, evening
service round the clock

things were understated  
you could fall off a mountain and bounce
but everyone took care

if you died wed beat you up
then youd think twice

spoke so slowly that anyone listening
might fall asleep mid-sentence
and wake up after oil

some bastards going through your pockets
notice in the post to say that youre dead
(always a surprise)

before oil though
one day garlic arrived
someone invented ice cream

it was toast upstairs
that was how our bread came, crisp!
and you could have your bath in bed

you tell this stuff to young people these days
and they roll their eyes
go back to the drilling

still a little air left

some still live before the oil
out fishing in a rusted tin
where life was an open sandwich

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