Friday, July 5, 2019

Kit Kelen #1282 - at first we looked under a stone ... concerning the discovery...

at first we looked under a stone
the discovery of sunshine
in Vesteraalens

it makes a kind of poem too

at first we looked under a stone
then a boulder
we lit up a bushel with hopes

it paints the truth of mountains this stuff
little snows from out the misted hidings
where creature and crevice are one

the Vikings never found this
though they came ever so far

summer could sleep with it
small horses go giddy up with

dwarves sweated with ladders and ropes

we rode a bicycle after the rainbow
hopped in our little car for the chase

it was a godbolt first
like a parting

I think there are flowers in it
and the bees must be in charge

its a close sky to top the world
clouds will always touch and part
come again
never the same cloud

but spin into nothing
a limited palette

follow just a colour of it
this bird much smaller than the song

how many dead years?
how much night?
so many have left us behind
but heres morning

the arrows
page to page
turn a sky

theyre yellowed remembering

someone must have knitted winter long
imagined from a fire

has to have been something like this

call it the living daylights
falls so precarious here

its only a moment and fondly

I need to walk into this now
and then 

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