Friday, July 12, 2019

Kit Kelen #1288 - upside down, right way up ... for the field guide

upside down, right way up

for a field guide to Australian clouds

little cloud hung halfway
had its mountain corner of fjord
spireheight stood the hill to see
others were thin as singing so high
youd touch with the eyes

saunter a little and still
then hear the whole day humming
saws and insects and inside my head
a bee loud buzz, a hive
mist to say home in

briefly briefly
and heres a herd
spread to light

upside down, right way up
who would make the call?

wool of the not-quite-touch
here on earth me knitting
strings of just guitar

some go blindly
we say clouds of

dizzy to be unspun
never to come again

sometimes length of day it goes
our selves afloat

on its own mountain
one cloud hung
up, down
coming, going
no one was game to say
no one could really tell 


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