Sunday, July 7, 2019

Jeffree Michael #86 Vein in the trance

Park the car
know what to expect
big gig in the sky

fiddle the amp
fix the fold-back
test 1-2-3

now breath
stay cool
no need to listen

all around
the noise
the signs are good

no humdinger
the trick's no mastery

ready then ahem
bring it closer
at your own peril

move away the same
nobody gets this tiny
tiny tiny little fact

lights go down
hollow rush
we've come so far breath

it's just a shot away
there's no way
not to stay

take it in
beg pray pay attention
all at the exact same time

sirens call
look no hands
effortlessly now

someone else
is listening

was that it?

you sang
to me

image: Nautilus  /  watercolor pencil paper / JMS

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