Thursday, July 11, 2019

Kit Kelen #1289 - snipp, snatt, snute

snipp snapp, snute
growing up Norwegian

Elle melle deg fortelle,
Skipet går, ut i år,
Rygg i rand to i spann.
Snipp snapp snute.
Du er ute.

here I am then
backyard for kingdom
time is not passing
it wells up around
family and phrases

stare into the dust
for what they’d call hours

I am a garden, run around
a weird sun throws the clock

Elle melle deg fortelle,
here’s how it will be
Skipet går, ut i år,

and here’s the nonsense I am telling
sheep go out this year
it’s every year the sheep are so

horses harnessed, two in one
pin a tail on anywhere
goes in a circle round

the door is female
so is the sun
the chair and the moon are men

this means nothing you must know

over the hills, far away
cows come home

plough the place
put it in your pipe and smoke
stick it in your snout
Skipet går, ut i år,

and schwoop
sink into Mattress-Land
where the turf was cut

Elle melle deg fortelle,

bog is a swamp
was warm once
the dinosaurs had it hot

was then we learned
how that big bad lamb
had Mary
wolf’s clothing
for grandma
still with her teeth

Rygg i rand to i spann.

played dizzies with the stillness
and upstairs down
here I come
Snipp snapp snute.
Du er ute.

house was all the world just then

and in the wool of weather where
follow a thread from Minotaur
leap big bulls up on the wall

suddenly it’s your turn
once again survive
no otherwise to

Elle melle deg fortelle 

door came off its hinges
and we’re in
the school
someone’s burning down

Skipet går, ut i år,
Rygg i rand to i spann.

in and on the map until
everywhere was destination
pennant and a birthday flag
started to salute  
that was destiny and nation

and you?
your little sniffle snout?
will you be in or out?

now things have a value, worth
take your time
as you are told
if not, others will

Skipet går, ut i år

all the secrets
they come after
ready or not
like forest
like compass
grown beyond the garden

capable of this every adventure
body too close can be ticklish

lay under experience then sudden knowing
but soon the rug was out from under
Snipp snapp snute

work like a dog
but get less kip
and into the tunnel
life’s a road trip
length of the country

Elle melle deg fortelle,

you’re delivering
what is it this time?

more nonsense

the bills come in
the cat goes out
not much here-and-now

Rygg i rand to i spann.

in an office
in a factory
lovely big views
in a headful of sea

one day wake
they’ve flown the coop
were they ever here at all?

chips down

deg fortelle

spin the wheel again
nobody knows where it lands
all on the secret number to win
but the house did
it was snipp snapp snute
box on the ears

come with some distance into the bed
and that could be divorce
somehow though still too much religion
although elle melle you have the facts

got bitten
symptoms never went

bring back their own little creatures
later ours as well


woke up with an empty bottle once
and you can do it again

skipet går, ut i år

now we ourselves are over the hills
now you are retired

about now consider living forever

in the end all go bung
please yourself and world be hung

Rygg i rand to i spann.

speak gibberish yourself

cloud drapery of once-some-heaven
insects human sized

I see them
they have ancient glazed smiles  
and measure
one with the scissors

and now a picture on the wall
all eyes
too feeble though to call

how soon it will be your turn
yours and ones to come

I am a garden, precious

out of tricks

snip snap snout
now you’re out

Elle melle deg fortelle,
Skipet går, ut i år,
Rygg i rand to i spann.

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