Friday, July 5, 2019

Kit Kelen #1281 - crossing the circle


after the car
I roll myself out
like a lovely new stretch of tar

crossing the circle

grey stone tops
make monument

everywhere south to this
come on four wheels

toy houses of an ancient age
rock ridges dotted

cloud barely makes it over the mountains
no one will grow here

everyone builds his her own cairn
we are all arctic explorers

reindeer burgers and stew
little clouds of ice

plastic troll keyrings
cheaper for three

everything ticked off the list
came with carbon

in walls of stone
where ice stood fogged

somewhere bears
must hopscotch the melt

on to a northwest passage
soon full of tankers and wells

seasons of sunshine
the crocodiles come

clouds are brave and climb
these here are the mountains

out of the story
still there are forests to come  

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