Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Kit Kelen #1285 - one day opened the door and summer came in

one day opened the door and summer came in

just a little shy first
stood at the door to be beckoning

must have been hanging about outside

was as if it had been waiting
considering the curtains

I took a deckchair
hung out with the world

there were great swathes of big yellow

hung the world out to dry

summer stood like a statue then
still in the air
not quite a shimmer

not all there
nevertheless there were insects for proof
unidentified (each with the air of the just invented)

and still I remember those terrible eyes
and how this world is other-ended
but that is another story

for now
the south on all its stiff wings had arrived
to say day 
the sky stood off

clouds forgot themselves entirely

all glowed
and cherished this moment
we each of us knew
would never
and never would
come again

be never again 

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