Friday, October 21, 2016

20.10.16 (#293) Haibun #1 by Myron Lysenko

She pulled the door to the brooding coop open and gently moved the hen off her eggs. The hen pecked at her hand. We looked at the six marked eggs and our daughter said, “Yes, look at that!” She squeezed through the narrow door into the coop and pointed at a cracked egg. We peered at it, straining our necks for a better view and we saw a little beak poking out of the shell.  The hen pecked at our daughter’s shoes and made threatening yet soft voices in her throat.

rising sun—
gradually the apple


  1. this is good, Myron - I love the Japanese nuances: 'rising sun' and the new sense of an apple 'blossoming'.
    I really like the haibun style - it's very versatile. I have a couple of 'haibun hikes' in my new collection ...
    Did you see John Tranter's 'Half a Dozen Haibun' - it was published a few years ago, maybe in Southerly. Tranter offered some new perspectives & interesting writing ideas.

  2. Hi David. I'd like to buy your new book. Is it available at Collected Works Bookshop in Melbourne?
    Thank you very much for your useful comments in my first haibun. It's a genre I plan to explore.


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