Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bronwyn Rodden #16 Journey to Ink

Oyster Creek #1 (with Irish labels) 160cm x 40cm, monotype print on paper with additional painting

This is one of four monotype prints inspired by our local creek. I wanted to connect my current life with my Irish ancestors through using some of their language, so scattered across it are some Irish words for aspects of the environment. I wonder what they would have made of it.


  1. It looks like the piece could be 'read' horizontally, too -
    And because I'm in Japan right now, it looks very nihon - thinking of the mythological 'kappa' ...

  2. Thanks David, I'm assuming your Kappa is the Japanese water sprite, not the troll term for sarcasm! People have commented that several of my works seem to be influenced by Asian art, which I'm sure is true, especially in my later ink works. As with many Western artists, I admire Asian aesthetics along with Western.


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