Monday, October 24, 2016

Chrysogonus #73 - memories of a star fruit tree

memories of a star fruit tree

whistle of the wind
flowers fallen to wither
but first there's a dance

yellow stars grow bigger
in branches bent down
little feet climb

for fruit, there's falling
with them too, and tears
hugs follow

rattan basket on
a bamboo pole
thick leaves are probed

a twist and a tug
stars come to the hands
toys are stuck in branches too

paper planes, shuttlecocks
a bamboo ladder leans on the trunk
father's arm stretched

here and there
to tidy up the tree
tie knots in the branches

to set up the tent
for where the wedding will be
likewise for a wake

for the patriarch's parting
the last ripe fruit down
now there are no hands

to tend, next season rots
that sweetness gone
with thirty years of stories

now seven seconds flash
through my mind and the tree
all hear the chainsaw's grind 


  1. The tree with many memories. A fine poem.

  2. I like star fruit - first came across it in Japan. I like the ways you bring many images & stories together. the wedding & wake is poignant

  3. Very nice balance, and a tremendous title!


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