Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chrysogonus #74 - online dating

online dating 


an attempt to emulate
timeless beauty

abs perfectly sculpted
chest tight and square

de Milo wannabe
minus the head

his introductory text
no face pic no reply 

does one wish to give
such a body head?

are these words
to send back to him?


the sincerity in the statement
still believing in love

crushed in the second sentence
not into Asian or black 

not into sissy or fat 
only muscular 

maybe I just don't know
which school of love is this?

the language 

he sends 'hi'
I reply 'hi' 

his next text
'body pic?' 

does he speak
body language? 


  1. good stuff, Chrys... really compelling, deft tone

  2. So tight and full of human truths/failing and tender (under the abs (:- )


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