Friday, October 21, 2016

Danny Gentile #62 - Necklace (1)

Necklace (1)

The necklace of Ariel
was ground from shell

Thick with oil
it coughed up on the shore
with the body of a gull

It carried the elusive scale
a hook diving to the last gill
a flag of gristle holding
to a burr of iron

And the necklace opened
from its seaweed shawl
with a rainbow of paua
spilling from unlikely cream
the edge of oyster
diminishing the pearl

And feathers lay around
like a duty crown
and seaweed sank in green
for envy only

Here there is no
anthropomorphic song
no castanet of clam
no sidewards crab fawning
against the rotting skirt
no exultant bird to call
over the dead other

But the echo from a conch
feigning the nearer sea
igniting in its rainbow
of sad ablutions

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