Wednesday, October 19, 2016

David Gilbey #2 What You Will

What You Will


On the second night the typhoon misses Sendai – just wind and rain

after the day’s epic – marking essays on Drugs & Alcohol in Lit

in brilliant sunshine with distant mountains

from this twelfth-floor apartment in Dainohara.


I’d been downtown to Starbucks to download Goro’s poems.

Miu (like ‘See you’, cu) remembers me from last year.

I buy sushi from the S-PAL food hall @ 20% off – last trading –

make sure I get some sea urchin and salmon eggs

plus a quartet of fried oysters – for my autumn food tanka.


Take the old subway with my new icsca ‘let’s go’ card.

Missed the bilingual TV news – defer reality til tomorrow.

On the table, Mako’s pale, pink-tipped rose.

Outside apartment and office lights to Kita Sendai.


Disappointing 711 French cab sav will be good for cooking

tomorrow night’s coq au vin for Osamu. Hey, ho.


  1. we're just between typhoons here in Macao ...
    it get a little tiresome
    cloud outside
    gets into my head
    poses all sorts of challengs

  2. I really like your poem, David, and I'm moved to respond...

    So, dateline Shanghai
    far north of your typhoons
    it's been raining for 2 days here
    but the clouds are getting tired
    and my 20 kuai umbrella poses
    all sorts of challenges
    such as how useless it is!


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