Monday, October 24, 2016

David Gilbey #4 Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet
Things keep going out of my life –
I am a viaduct or an Aeolian harp –
this morning, walking in Shinrin Park
trees dripping with autumn drizzle
wet leaves – not yet the reds/yellows/browns
I couldn’t remember the katakana ‘mo’
as I recited my alphabets, a toe-hold traveller,
nor, when I met some of the rajio taiso ladies
could I remember tempura
when I wanted to tell how I was enjoying Japanese food
but I could remember three new things
hoping this signified the absence of early-onset dementia:
at the weekend imonikai in Yamagata
I ate bear stew – tender, more mild-tasting than kangaroo or venison –
akebi – bitter mountain vegetable from Tohoku,
stuffed with savoury mince and vegetables
and natto mochi – fermented soy beans and stretchy rice-cakes –

more than enough for the cultural equation.

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