Friday, October 14, 2016

Kerri Shying R - # 107 Fly back home ( talking back with KK)

Fly back home ( talking back with KK)

I call the flies sky raisins
snapped up by the dog
don’t catch that wasp
Melvyn reminds him
you be dead

my cackleberries cheek by jowl
with googie eggs
the moo juice    indoor lizards
cooking in the mockle wokkle

tropes of family carried

underneath them
cunjevoi   still explained            
with deepest sigh it’s the
poor man’s abalone   you know
on the rock

the halla halla  smoke   put your
dhutti on   roll a
dhurri   stick around for the
yarn-up  but get yourself far
from that gidji-man
now tidda

what lives in that
pak-ah-pu ticket     my head
strewn about with
characters from the past
pressed back to the
dough of what we

leavening our lumpen

kriol in reverse
shove that gear lever
past the A
for assimilate and you get


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