Monday, October 24, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 112 - In the sick bay phantasmogoric

 In the sick bay phantasmogoric

inside means  no point
  of view no forms
to intersect triangulate
the ribcage

of the biggest of the beasts
 a simple
cage   glockenspiel of ribs enslaved to
carrion spine    it

holds grains time takes pleasure to dessicate
use the small things    the grubs    pretty
so comparatively plump    mouth parts

finely drawn  fulcrum to all the rapid
forces borne in
borne down
 much as the pelvis was in birth
 take the inside back to
back to that which must remain

blown chances cling to nothing
not even bone

yet air
sings like keening women
in the right type of tree

explaining air
still remains to gnaw me


  1. Replies
    1. thanks Efi, It was actually hard to come back after a short break, partly after being so ill, but I think better not to linger off too long from the page. I found the whole hallucinating for days thing kind of not scary after a bit, which might be scary!

  2. Kerri, this is great, I particularly love the second half.

  3. well there's ya new nickname -- it's old glockenspiel ribs from now on!

    1. I always did Bogart the glockenspiel....


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