Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 114 Bees and me ( again)

Bees and me ( again)

nothing like the notion you
might kark it
  gets you going on
all the corners     all the sweepings
where the day was     too short the
storm shutter      cracked along the bottom

sand never comes with sleep
    the gritty eyes
 misnomer of the acapella
gangs    how much of the love songs
spawning us    seeped in

sat upon the haunches
all stretch and sinew
 a rocker block and tackle
 lifting up the night    again

time to think again
again   is nothing new

dawn takes no flower by surprise
no mother no bee
not me
not me


  1. Wonderful heart-poem. But I hope you're feeling better, Kerri.

  2. dawn takes no flower by surprise

    -- great ending = great title
    for later

  3. Love it!
    a rocker block and tackle
    lifting up the night again
    Perfect. xxm

  4. I like this a lot Kerri, especially the opening and closing stanzas


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