Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kit Kelen #278 - we're in danger (rough first rant)

we're in danger
(rough first rant)

of being swamped
by bigots, by fools
by big-noting know-nothings

(if they don't know anything
how should anyone else?)
they believe the evidence of their senses

these such as they are
they're offended we haven't given enough attention
to their lack of thought – is that thoughtlessness?

I mean that in the unkind sense
they're the empathy switched off
we're in danger of being swamped

by atavism of ourselves we still believe somehow
by ignorance that is, by the arrogance of the ignorant
who'll never know themselves so think that they know us, know all

it's true a part of us was once as they insist we are
that's what they scoff and bluster for
that's how they bring us down

and opportunists aid them
and they backslide themselves
the mud that sticks is their first last love

o politics! – I know your fear
and I will cater, caper, prance
and the press all love a wallow

an ugly front page mug
all tragedy and farce – reruns of ubiquity
to bring us back to swamp, to sink

we're in danger of going under
by way of stupidity, by hate,
by fear, by greed

by those who lack the courage
to see another truth
to feel what others feel

it's quite a swamp they're building now
in the senate house – have you noticed?
they've stopped legislating – barbarians are here

how low does a common denominator go?
don't use big words you wank – elite!
it's better you don't speak – don't you know

we're in danger of being swamped
by the heartless, the fearful yob monster whities
decided to make us all trash

by the self-pity of the self-entitled
by the truth defying, fact denying
little minds make little hearts

in danger of being done
by the hubris of election-callers
who doubly absolve themselves

sure that they must win
we're in danger of being over-run
by malice and meanness

in danger of drowning
in one's own bile
let us not speak the name 



  1. ...they're drowning in their own shit.

  2. Well done Kit, hard to voice this stuff it's so bad.


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