Thursday, October 6, 2016

Kit Kelen #280 - for Boris (and for Lies)

for Boris

welcome to the beautiful world!
may it be so for you, young stranger!

you're the morning, and the day to come
where your limbs are spread – may sun shine!

and may the shade be with you too!
let the world be kind and mild with you!

a cloud you can conjure by way of some puff
and a wee woolly lamb you should grab by the scruff

let these be the least of all your superpowers!
may your ways all be strewn and be scented with flowers

float on the breeze and dance on the stream
look up to the stars and remember to dream!

in all things be blessed, bring blessings!
and especially be good for your mum!

little boat of our hope
set sail!

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