Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kit Kelen #282 - Reich (listening to 'drumming')

listening to 'drumming'

first hammering will be between things
but then the sound is round the hole
drill down
fold back

there was the chattering before
one more beat falls into the river
and one more
as off the tongue tripping
with a firm paw

and the beat falls out too
dry in the islands
this will bring clouds on

music is out of the simplest things
you have to listen for

the jungle factory
sky chimes
and the dark around comes flowering
there's no bird flies through this

it was always more than meaning

ballet of sticks too
hand dance
and the tribe sways to
but you won't see what's happening here

relative periodicity
it's by this means
seed takes up with air
and climbs into its truth

one imagines sex like this
on some faroff world

ghosts gather an outskirts
past listening
come to obey
over gravel tracks deep into
the moment note
and single stroke

so the rain again
the roof to heart

when the singing comes
it is already a metaphor for voice
and breathless then slips

falls through chaos
to call a next home

it's all in the miscroscope you know
doze to it
be dream and drift

they are chemists
working the bench
with flask and bunsen
compounding tint and hue
catching fire their socks

sometimes peering over the sill
even see the lip of timber

all in air
juggle future far
with primitive beginning

the insect aspects
slow to a twitch
nor to any end
this machine

a breath wings adorn in all sizes
a dog whistles home

there is nothing
so trite as a tune

and as to the healing
all at once see
how I'm the magician
simply to sit
as they attend
my ear

by simple means of a pencil
I have broken in 


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