Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kit Kelen #286 - heuristic (for godsbother)

(for gosbother)

so many things we are learning together
we used to be big
no boots were ever big enough

Big Beard was a thunderer then

first we saw ourselves in the midst
good place for a story to start

it might have been wombwork once
there were some theories about at the time

we were on top of a pillar, a fire or a turtle

it was all water
it was all fire
the thing had a bevelled edge
there was chaos
there were devils
and angels
cherubim, seraphim
incubi, succubi

and among all of this mad woman's washing
homonculus me
was a kind of conductor
like Rodin's thoughtful guy
tucked in

and you my dear
a big blue eye like mine
and we together see -
keep peering back
in hopes of beginning

ah but still we must imagine
how we will be seen one day
if there's bothering with us ever

so poem for the picture
that's the way we work

frame and mirror
step back step back
part the smoke like cloud curtains

all the while further and further
but still no one knows from what 



  1. I can't put my finger on why, but this feels sad this poem....

  2. this series for godsbother does seem to be on a bit of downward spiral... sorry about that


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