Friday, October 14, 2016

Kristen de Kline #11 Trashy

trashy just want to be high as a kite off my tits throwing my arms around you trashy

sick of feeding $2 coins into greedy parking meters waiting for names to be mispronounced over the speaker system a duty lawyer who loses his business cards can't remember his email address and says I'm not here to give relationship advice 

trashy just want to be wasted tossing my head back snorting finely cut lines blowing you kisses that trail off leisurely into thin air trashy 

sick of the cops at the Court entrance scattering the contents of your bag across the bench:  biro's train timetable ventolin inhaler velvet tissue pack panadeine forte strip another inhaler purple spiral-bound notebook with the slogan ONLY THE SOUL THAT LOVES IS HAPPY stamped on the front cover I-pod earphones that don't work anymore crumpled Hungry Jacks serviette no-name band-aid candy pink tampon and a five cent coin 

trashy just want to be high as a kite bag lady trash bag drinking one fifty lashes throwing my arms around you smoking gunga lying in the gutter looking up at the stars snorting lines through a broken pen shell saying aloha to a new yak flagging down a yellow cab that doesn't pull over bag lady trash bag just want to be just want to just want 


  1. I see so (too) much (yesterday) mascara here ... trashy like love it

  2. Hey fellow poets - glad you enjoy trashiness too :)


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