Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lizz Murphy - # 294: Head xxxi. in a cardigan."

Media: Oil pastel & found text on paper. Size: A6.


  1. It's that kind of weather, isn't it? You know the old saying: Q: What's a cardigan? A: The thing you have to wear when your mother is cold.

  2. the gloriously arched eyebrows! the eyebrows are doing incredible things to this face and my reading ..everything from Lucille Ball playing it straight to the truly straight prissy wearer of cardigans (although I love wearing them myself, I admit)...just wonderfull!

  3. Thanx Lucy and Efi. For the last couple I selected the text first to see what would happen. Sterotyping eh :) The eyes are the cathedral windows to the soul?


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