Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lucy Alexander # 38 The Boy the Sea

The sky’s serrated fine
lined anchor hold
above his head
he leans and
into the wind his life
for a moment hooked on
something concentrated there
what is it? The water eats
the shadow it casts
all the commotion of sea
and black wavelets are swifter
than this small surfacing thing
what is it? Will it come ashore?
Will it eat up dreams
and tilt there enticing his
thoughts black in the water
like a slick fur swimming
thicker than a fish
too languid for log.
It rolls in the water
and reminds him
he will have this place
forever in his bloodstream.


  1. Wonderful first couple of lines. The poem rolls in and out like the sea. 'Commotion' is a great word there.


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