Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lucy Alexander #44 Sunshine and Showers

That hunch was all acting
in the sunshine that squinted
all around the sky
left them dumbfounded by
the way they played
so later he would unfold and be a butterfly
and that small girl would sleep
and sleep like a blessed thing
the headdress her comfort,
that day her dream.

That day was all play
the sunshine acted out the sky
the butterfly slept and slept
then unfolded from a headdress
hunched up with its own dreams
dumbfounded by its blessing
so later she would squint into the
comfort and he would be the
dream of the thing.


  1. I love this. Reminds me a bit of this old one of mine...

    5. So Many Good Things

    Als das Kind Kind war…
    Peter Handke


    It is very late. A Turkish woman
    Is vacuuming the empty library

    She’ll go to an all-night laundromat after
    And watch hope go through its cycles

    When the child was a child
    She lived in room 29 next to mine
    She could imagine anything


    Wake up with the holy armor
    When it was thrown down at you
    Later that day you’ll pawn it for $50

    Your head is still bleeding a little
    But there are so many good things left

    A stranger gives you your first money
    To try your very first cup of coffee

    And you’ll burn your mouth
    Wondering about the first snow

    You give a stranger exquisite directions
    And wait for first bliss in a circle of sand

    Compañero, compañero, they whisper
    Other wings will grow that will be valid

    You will find her. You will find a home.

    1. O Rob, yours has so much in it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love how this poem folds in on itself like the butterfly's wings.


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