Saturday, October 22, 2016

Penny Fang # 8 - the wayshower

the wayshower

I stroll down the lane besides Holg building to watch the sea
crossing over the slate wall    a petite cat’s mewing compels me to stay
the ‘angel’ like creature    a beam of amber reflects in its fluffy fur

wavers uncertainly among the light yellow buttercups    staring
has he something to say?

there are more dog lovers than cat lovers from what I see
dogs always accompany people   on the vast green
picking up a ball   catching   running    at sunrise and sunset
annoying dog’s business dropped     at the next corner of the street

its treacherous attention
before long it wanders to other places
sometime it sits, fur moving gently in the breeze
on the pier by a house
sometime it feeds from its bowl besides the black wooden door

a cat wanders across a cemetery on a rainy day
a tale and a statue

stay there forever


  1. Yes, very nice, very very nice ending. I was wondering where it would go, and it sloped of to the cemetery!

  2. This piece really took me on a journey - loved the meandering pace and the ending too. Fab poetry!


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