Monday, October 10, 2016

Rob Schackne #103 - Deuteroscopy


                      The severe schools shall never laugh me
                      out of the philosophy of Hermes.

                      Sir Thomas Browne, 1643

All severe schools take turns
to prosecute to judge to sentence
the sentences that attach the words
the chains set round the ankles but
hands free the mind enter hermetic
get in the car go to the supermarket
where in the floating aisles I read
all the letters I need spread for food
Hermes stacks the shelves with song
a long way is the stretch and slide
for it is severe yards to be a poet
the long second look at everything
the product the loving the alchemy
bids me go tell a dark and lasting story
while a friend tries to laugh me out of it.


  1. lol :) I find supermarkets inspirational, rarely.

    1. Ha. Yes. There is a certain sameness to them, isn't there? Not exactly the Asian open market, its opposite, which can be a real horror show...if one is taking the long second look at everything.


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