Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rob Schackne #111, Terry & Jill (4)


Why did they bother?

He was the only one.

The birds were getting closer. Flocks of them arrived to look. 

They’d land nearby and then a few would fly up to his head and flanks. They’d nibble and coo their few words. 

It felt good.

One day the TV trucks multiplied by a great deal.

Hello, Terry! We have found a friend for you!

How many were there? The crowd cheered.

She was a goddess. He was unworthy.

She disliked him at first sight.

So, where did they find you? She asks.

Laramidia, Maastrichtian age. And what’s your name?

Lots younger than you.

Jill rolls her eyes and sways away.

Another tear in the fabric.

He’d heard of these Upper Cretaceous types.

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