Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rob Schackne #108, Terry & Jill (1)

A fractured fairy tale that I have more than a few doubts about. It goes largely unedited, but I'll edit out some of the delinquencies. (It's really just for grins. I'll post it all without too much delay.)

Terry & Jill


He awoke one morning. Huge.

One more tear in time.

How he was there was the subject of conjecture, but the conjecture was not his.

Tyrannosaurus Rex was what they’d named him in the 1950s. Confusion about sub-species taxonomy.

Lord, he wondered, why bother?

Terry was 66 million years old. Found in quite a remote region.

First feared & first shots fired.

Press. Photographs.

Captured. Chained up.

Brought back to the New World.

Terry can speak.

Why are you shooting at me? Why do you keep on shouting, LIGHT ITS ASS UP!

Talk about confusion. Talk about the revolution.

Big changes here. You haven’t looked after the place very well. And this air…

They took a few more shots at him. But they didn’t quite know how to kill him. 


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