Monday, October 3, 2016

Robert Verdon, #317, foreboding


cry over milk
before it’s spilt, its
bent light will turn
time zig-zag

like the air in a belfry
or a sewing machine
rumbling along the horizon
tacking against gravity
leaving earth behind;

graceful as the tarmac earthworm
thrown back onto the soil
the grey ship of a storm
moves over the land


  1. A few readings of this
    A tarmac earthworm stopped me for a sec
    Don't. Won't. I'll try. But so good.

  2. Thanks, Rob — I worried about that too, I meant one found on a road, probably need to change it!

  3. I like the tarmac earthworm - u do have to stop and think but rewarded with dual unusual images. Terrific piece altogether


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