Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Robert Verdon, #339, always need new vistas

having trudged aerobically,

a scientific skyline opens out and beckons me

those far, high mountains like drunken sine waves

suggest the sea

two hours drive away

sitting here, alone, now gazing down

on the National Library

from ‛Leuning’s Lookout’, Botanic Gardens

a Parthenon in a field, it seems, clustered behind it

the High Court, the Gallery, and the Questacon Science

and Technology Centre

Greek rationality and more

in a village setting

a campanile of birds sets up a discussion behind me

somehow, in perspective, this makes a poem


  1. Of course it does. Thank you. Also aerobically. Rob

  2. thanks Rob — though it's not yet the poem I was hoping for.


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