Sunday, October 23, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #296 the circus is over

we have prepared our performance
rehearsed our pitches
networked as much as possible
and fulfilled our dreams

that is the idea
but we will not know
for many months
if our dreams come true


  1. Sometimes dreams take dozens of years, don't they?

  2. Reflecting on four days at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

  3. Lovely. Reminded me a little of this part of my Zirkusmusik poem:

    2. Marion & Damiel

    Circus dreams. Is this the end?
    My clumsy performance that finally
    Changed to pleasure, now slipping off
    I’m going down, suddenly forgetting how
    My fake wings could fly with art and love

    How I watch her beautiful on the trapeze
    Arguing with all the gravities of need
    Less effort, Marion! More swing!
    Today the Berlin circus is pulling down the tent
    And the elephants are doing tricks for themselves

    O Angels of tears and solitude
    Why do you all look like criminals?
    How do you spend the eternal days?
    Would you have me sing my song
    At night alone in my little van?

    There is no answer, why be desperate?
    This shall go on for a very long time
    Singing the epic of peace, dreaming
    Like the old man, breathless, as he looks
    For the past and remembers Nazi flags

    You’re the angel. They almost lived happily
    Ever after. Sensing the breezy motions
    Of the dozens everywhere, tremor or itch
    I can’t even tell if you’re beside me now
    Hiding, but utter me anything real tonight.


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