Friday, December 16, 2016

Fei Nicholafei Chen #3

Hypothetical 3

suppose I leave here next March
and because of the anxiety of moving stuff
I decide, for the moment, not to buy a chair, a tea set, speakers

I can sit on the floor
drink water and
sing to myself

yet the move is
a thing a hundred days off

in life there is a third voice
and in this case it is asking me
whether this can truly be called minimalism 


假想 我在这里住到明年3
那么我只需要三套衣服 一套运动衫 一件大衣

 不不不 假象我要开派对 雅集
我还需要茶具 好看的灯 一把琴

 生命中第三人称声音 请告诉我

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