Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Jeffree Skewes #37 Exodus

All over the land
and for all who ever
drew these days back
from the year's terms
drill their optimistic march
toward that unreachable apogee

Everyone's dream-time now
the same time
return to roots or en-route
to adventure
retailed or curtailed
both tempted

Modest to gargantuan
a pilgrimage of utopia
a tide of assertiveness
itself evidence
don't forget your books, papers
hooks, tools, water-bottles and devices

A disruptor of routine 
now just empty bubbles run on timers
hallways alone, the tree houses deserted
kitchens sombre, tv lounges solitaire
across the land
it's christmas land

On the road
the push is on
so take it easy
kids engage or not, parents catch up
the road's become a mall
a bush pee will have to do

What remains
a trinity of beingness
a gift a map
a journey

image; Entree / pencil watercolour on paper / jskewes

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