Saturday, December 3, 2016

Kerri Shying R - # 145 Street swag

Street swag

so it’s a soft light glows across his face
while we talk the talk
of gleaners by the road pile
how to get that doll house home
too big for the
scooter   I ride

good kennel
for your little dog   he says but
great little house for kids   we both know
we will leave it
Christmas coming up
someone will grab it    clean it up
glee on a stick

I scoot home
mattock   mash hammer
brazier   poking out alien
angles on my ride
the small dog    one paw at the
controls one on my arm

faces to the sun
kindly smiling    yes
to the street    the other
lovers of the life
here in my town


  1. That's a lovely ride, Kerri. Very musical.

  2. the little dog at the controls really focusses the whole piece


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