Sunday, December 4, 2016

Kit Kelen #339 - one dog and another

one dog and another

dog has night in its four paws under
yes there's a blaze of moon in the trees
but no one can smell that

one dog lifts its leg
a dare
remaking of
the whiffmap
is all that matters

another dog
sniffs by

at Head Quarters
they shift the pins
have a nose for this kind of thing

will someone throw a stick for me?
roll me over for a rub
too old for old tricks now

keep records
and make commentaries

one dog buries
another digs up
tombs of the ancients are brought to light

all together a howl
for that bone of moon
we've unearthed at last

dog is bardic breath

the dog in dialogue asks
master, tell me
who looks up to see?

yes, night is our unending dream
so dog philosophises
makes poetry of every object

the sun long since is buried somewhere
tomorrow the miracle of resurrection
too blinding to observe

may we not squat
as sex befits
or raise a leg to that

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