Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kit Kelen #347 - vortex, bright side

vortex – bright side

I love that moment
of not-quite-here-yet
when there's nothing to do

be ghost-made-flesh
by angels shone
it's alright for those
who haven't arrived

sit strum
roll up
kick back

fans will run
if the sun says

wee dram
call the dusk
stroll so
go in

and you can be the dinner gong

and you can light the candles

sometimes seeing further
it's better to stand back
give the world its guess
for fortune

what if all of life is vortex?

was I ever here?
will I be?
who will I have been?

I'm the fish sees out of the bowl
all of the luck that's lived

it's everything because Christmas is coming
bright of the year's all hours

solar folly on my sill
spins for what might be

work of being
leers yet from far
so I know simply
to see

my nest in the moment
must be here

still between breezes
I'm met

you have to dream beyond the thing
if Christmas is to come

but honestly it's better coming
it's better to live in the not-quite-yet
where we imagine snow
and a moon shone through it

so we go
and in

let's call that moment


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